This homepage is thrown together just for distributing some stuff that I have made. I have been using a program called "LiteStep", a shell replacement program, which I like immeasurably more than Windoze's own shell! From here you can find some LiteStep themes that I have made. Some might be a little incomplete, but everything is downloadable if you find something interesting. I can't claim all the credit for my themes, 'coz there appears lots of borrowed graphics & icons, but the layouts and wharftiles & such are my handiwork. Be prepared to more or less heavily edit the step.rc!!

I am also very much into racing games!! Especially "Grand Prix Legends" consumes all the spare time I have at the moment!
That's why I have added a hotlap section here for my times.

04-Apr-03: - Long time no see.. DVDList added here.

09-Feb-00: - Am I a retard or what!?!? YET another stupid thing I left out from the BG theme release, and that was a fixed sysvwm frame, which you can get here. Just unpack it into your images dir. ALSO you might want to add this line to your step.rc under the Tasks config section to hide the gray bg from those little icons: TasksBgColor CFA76A

05-Feb-00: - Foolishly wrote in my BG step.rc the SysVWM coordinates as exact instead of negative values from bottom right corner... Fixed it now! If you don't want to download this WHOLE pack again, just replace the values in SysVWM config VWMx & VWMy with -118 & -112.

04-Feb-00: - Added my revised Baldur's Gate theme, slightly larger now!!.

- Added a current desktop link, where I sometimes post my current Litestep layout.

22-Sep-99: - Added some new BG Theme popup_selected graphics and a new step.rc for ls24.5 popup.

23-Jul-99: - Updated my file. There appeared to be missing some icons I use in my themes :(

24-Jun-99: - Updated my Baldur's Gate theme with new systray and graphics! Also included a little readme file.

16-Mar-99: - Moved my page to Swatch's Internet time :)

- Added my Baldur's Gate theme and screenshot.

02-Feb-99: - Added a Grand Prix Legends hotlap section for my own times w/setups & replays.

- Updated my Grass theme screenshot.

30-Jan-99: - Added a more recent Grass-Theme zip & Images zip.

- Updated some links.

Here's something kinda reminding like LiteStep themes!

Baldur's Gate Theme (844k) - Download - Screenshot

BlueTile Theme (244k) - Download - Screenshot

Grass Theme (320k) - Download - Screenshot

And here's the rest of the individual images (541K), that I use in those themes. Almost all of those graphics are collected around the net.

The background in BG Theme which shows Candlekeep Library from BG, can be found here. There is also lots of other very nice graphics!!

Here is a snapshot of my current desktop using Baldur's Gate theme.
My Current Desktop

eFX Skins:

MDA-Lite (45k) - Download

Grass (48k) - Download

Here's also a WinAmp skin that I have made sometime ago. It's called "Ransom AMP" (116k). Screenshot here.

Brands Hatch 01:32.45 LOTUS ran_brands.rar ran_braset.rar
Kyalami 01:18.48 LOTUS ran_kyalami.rar ran_kyaset.rar
Mexico 01:44.96 LOTUS ran_mexico.rar ran_mexset.rar
Monaco 01:24.36 LOTUS ran_monaco.rar ran_monset.rar
Monza 01:26.97 LOTUS ran_monza.rar ran_mzaset.rar
Mosport 01:20.29 LOTUS
Nurburgring 07:58.47 FERRARI ran_ring.rar ran_rinset.rar
Rouen 01:54.21 LOTUS ran_rouen.rar ran_rouset.rar
Silverstone 01:25.55 LOTUS
Spa 03:14.63 EAGLE
Watkins Glen 01:03.76 LOTUS ran_watglen.rar ran_watset.rar
Zandvoort 01:23.36 LOTUS ran_zandvoort.rar ran_zanset.rar
Note that the setups aren't necessarily mine, but collected from various hotlap sites. I also use a nickname "Ransom Stark" in GPL. I really don't like the look of my real name in games :)

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